The personnel, energy and wear costs of a size reduction machine soon exceed the costs of purchase. Too little attention is given to this fact when making an investment. We are committed to giving you advice and support on wear and have numerous special solutions in this area.

Herbold Meckesheim has developed the new EHST knife series for longer knife service lives.
In test runs on customers’ premises, the service lives were twice as long, and even three times as long in the case of some materials. The price-performance ratio is good. With a surcharge of only approx. 20%, the utilisation level is increased by 100%. A distinct competitive advantage for all granulator operators.
If lumps and hard materials are size-reduced, the suitability of EHST knife quality must be checked in individual cases.

Herbold Meckesheim has developed the EHST screen quality for longer screen service lives.
In test runs on customers’ premises, the service lives were three times longer, and in the case of some materials even five times longer. The price-performance ratio is good.
Our screens have an unperforated edge, so the screens seal tightly to the housing. This also gives more resistance to cracks and fractures.

Screens and screen plates of wear-resistant EHST steel are available for the following series.

Granulator sizes: SMS/SML

  • 30/50
  • 45/60
  • 45/100
  • 60/100
  • 60/145
  • 80/120
  • 80/160
  • 80/160

Dryer sizes:

  • T 508
  • T 1015
  • T 2015

Further sizes available on request.

Herbold Meckesheim has developed the new EHSX coating to ensure longer service lives for toothed rings.

In test runs on customer material, the service lives were three times longer, and in the case of some materials even five times longer. The price-performance ratio is good!

The EHSX toothed rings are available for the following impact disc mills in the PU series:

  • PU 180
  • PU 300
  • PU 500
  • PU 650
  • PU 800
  • PU 1250

The blowers are welded steel constructions with no cast parts (except motor) and are generally hinged for cleaning and maintenance.

  • MFT – Direct drive impeller
  • RMFT – Belt drive, also in stainless steel version for high temperatures and moist transported material. The impellers of the pneumatic material conveyor have curved blades, which reduce wear and prevent materials from being reshredded in the blowers if this is not required. The blowers are also available with interchangeable wear inserts.

Both series of blowers have a replaceable wear insert and replaceable air inserts and pressure joints.
Can be supplied with between 8 and 100 m³ air volume per minute and 1.5 to 30 kW drive power.

Filter boxes for dedusting the conveying air:

  • Herbold filter boxes are available for different air and due to the cleaning opening, provide an optimal access for cleaning and maintenance
  • Additionally, the filter boxes are equipped with an integrated adjusting cone for different material densities and can also be retrofitted with a dust collector.
  • Automatic bag filters for all possible cases where filter boxes are not sufficient.

Wear-resistant pipe elbows:

  • Due to the exchangeable wear protection, Herbold wear-resistant pipe elbows are re-usable and due to the larger radius, less prone to wear than traditional pipe elbows.

Cyclones with an air outlet for solids at the bottom:

  • Herbold cyclones are available for different air quantities and due to their cleaning opening, provide an optimal access for cleaning and maintenance.
  • A wear-resistant version with exchangeable infeed sections of the cyclones is also available.

Please contact us if you are interested in the possibilities we have to find an optimal solution to your application.

You want long, short, high, swan-neck, troughed belt conveyors, you name it, Herbold can supply a tailor-made belt conveyor according to the modular system, even for distances of 12 m or more.

The following ancillary equipment will best suit your requirements

  • Corrugated edge belt: perfect lateral sealing for size-reduced materials
  • Metal detector: will protect the granulator
  • Automatic metal discharge chute: temporarily activates the discharge mechanism if metal is detected
  • Overband magnetic separator for separating metals: separates ferromagnetic metals
  • Drum motor: space-saving, long lifetime and wear-resistant

On demand, we will submit a quotation for a customised belt conveyor!

As ancillary equipment for all granulators and size-reduction units, HERBOLD can now supply a new fines separator of the HS series that, thanks to its simple structure and its favourable purchase price, is not only interesting when a new plant is acquired but also when existing size-reduction plants are retrofitted, and above all for secondary granulators downstream of injection moulding and blow moulding machines.

Due to its compact construction, the fines separator can be added as an upgrade to any ground material outlet – easy retrofitting!

For plants placed in rooms with limited ceiling heights, HERBOLD can supply a special compact cyclone not varying the original overall height.

Storage, homogenizing, mixing and discharge of the materials are important aspects of a complete recycling plant for plastic waste.

Round silo
Herbold round silos, due to their special design, efficiently prevent the bridging effect and ensure a trouble-free discharge of badly flowing materials. Round silos are available up to a volume of 20 m³.

From a volume of 20 m³, we recommend rectangular silos up to 60 m³.

Mixing silo
Herbold mixing silos are the optimal solution for homogenizing high-quality bulk materials. Mixing silos are available for volumes up to 20 m³.

For any further information please contact our Service Department.