Plastic products at the end of their life, post-industrial or post-consumer, are used, mixed and contaminated. They must be washed and/or separated for reuse. You can deal with this job effectively with a washing line from Herbold Meckesheim.

With wet shredders and washing granulators we wash and size reduce the material, separating out the coarser impurities in our pre-washing units. Our separation tanks and hydrocyclone steps separate different types of plastic according to their specific weight. In case of particularly stubborn contamination we use our hot washing. Mechanical (centrifugal) dryers and warm air dryers produce shredded material capable of extrusion. Washed films, fibres and foams can be dried with the aid of an agglomerator and processed into free-flowing, high-density bulk material.

We separate mixed plastics and composite materials, either wet or dry, with pure water (density =1) or modified water (density >1), in an air current, with the aid of magnets, high-frequency separators, screening machines and classifiers.

For an extrusion-capable residual moisture content of two or one per cent or even dryer, we supply centrifugal dryers and warm air dryers in many different sizes. We dry all types of flakes, ground bottles, other hard plastics, films, fibres, tapes and foam.

The washing and separation systems include where necessary label removers, dry washing and gravity classifiers. We supply the required water circuit to reduce the consumption of fresh water and an ultra-filtration in the hot washing for saving water and energy.

We supply complete washing lines, as well as single washing components for existing systems.


Washing lines for plastic waste
Individual components for washing lines