Welcome to Herbold Meckesheim

We are your specialist in machines and systems for plastic recycling. We specialise both in the shredding, pulverizing and compacting (agglomeration) of clean production waste and in the recycling of used, mixed and contaminated waste by means of washing, separating and drying.

Areas of application

Clean plastic waste (e.g. film)
Contaminated plastic waste (e.g. PET bottles)


As well as complex process solutions for plastic recycling, we can also offer you the optimisation of existing systems for the processing of plastic waste.

Our machines are in use in a variety of industries throughout the world, and we supply our customers in Germany, Europe, South, Central and North America, Africa, the Middle East and Far East. Our customers can always have confidence in the quality and reliability of our recycling systems and machines (from agglomerators and shredders to washing lines).

Fine grinding
Washing, separating and drying
Peripheral devices