The HGM series granulators have been developed for the size reduction of difficult, especially tough material or material containing foreign bodies, for which normal granulators have too short a knife life, and conventional shredders cannot produce the required end-product. Low-speed granulators – the right technology for shredding in the recycling industry.

HGM granulators are machines which combine the advantages of shredders (blunt cut, relatively insensitive to foreign bodies) and grinders (shredding by means of cutting, and therefore suitable for soft and tough materials). For use also as a wet shredder, for example for agricultural films.

Advantages of the HGM series granulators:

  • Insensitive to foreign bodies due to an integrated shear pin coupling
  • Quiet operation during shredding due to the massive full-steel rotor and V-belt drive
  • Longer knife life
  • More cost-effective knife design
  • Armour-plated housing as standard
  • Excellent access to the rotor and the cutting tools due to a horizontally divided housing
  • Low-speed operation, minimum dust and noise generation by the shredding process

These grinders are thus suitable for a number of specific shredding processes when recycling plastic and plastic waste:

  • Waste from car recycling, for example pre-shredded old tyres
  • Bottles from household waste
  • Metal-reinforced rubber or plastic parts
  • Shredded waste from car recycling
  • Highly contaminated agricultural film