Herbold impact disc pulverizers in the PU series are high-speed fine grinders for the micronization of various materials. The PU disc pulverizer model is used for grainy or brittle materials, such as PE granules or rigid PVC regrind.

The material to be pulverized is load-controlled and is fed into the pulverizer centrally via a dosing device. When using pulverizer discs, the product fed in is micronized between the rotating and static discs and extracted from the grinding chamber.


  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Short dwell time for the product in the grinding chamber
  • Universally convertible for various pulverizing jobs
  • Simple replacement of grinding tools
  • Optimal gap setting from outside

The new Herbold Pulverizer PU 650 has a vertically placed drive and horizontal grinding tools – the ideal pulverizer for high performances.