You will find a compact overview of our product range here. On the relevant subpages you will find detailed information on our product categories as well as the machines we provide and what they can be used for.

Machines and systems for the pulverization of thermoplastic raw materials in order to produce free-flowing powders for extrusion, coating, the textile industry and rotomoulding. Pulverizing systems at ambient temperature, systems with nitrogenic cooling, explosion-proof systems for the pulverization of all soft to semi-rigid materials.

Granulators are used for the size reduction of materials with a high percentage of foreign bodies. Shredders, granulators and grinding systems for all plastics processing waste from injection moulding, blow moulding, extrusion and all other types of forming. Machines with integrated sound insulation, special granulators for sheets, pipes and profiles with horizontal feed. Ancillary equipment for granulators and grinding systems are available for all types of size reduction systems.

Systems for the treatment of used, mixed and contaminated plastics. Systems for the washing, separation, drying and agglomeration of agricultural film, PET bottles and other plastics from the sorting of household waste, industrial waste from packaging and transport.

We also provide single components of our washing lines as process-technology elements to optimise your existing equipment: size reduction machines, washing granulators, friction washers, mechanical and thermal dryers, swim-sink systems, pre-washing units, hot washing steps, special flake silos for low-flow goods.

Agglomerators for films, fibres and foam made of temperature-sensitive materials, such as PA or PET, as compactors, dryers and crystallizers (for polyester/PET).

Service and spare parts for machines and systems manufactured by us and for nearly all rival makes of granulators and recycling machines.

Fine grinding
Peripheral devices
Washing, separating and drying