In our areas of application, “fine grinding” is pulverization to a size under 1 mm. To do this, we use – depending on the products – granulators with a knife system or pulverizers with an impact disc system.

Our SMF fine granulators and PU impact disc pulverizers have been developed for use in the fine grinding of plastic granulates and waste, and other soft to medium-hard materials. The final particle sizes to be achieved lie in the range of 0-1000 mm to 0-200 mm, depending on the type and configuration of the machines. Our focus and special knowledge centres on the pulverization of plastics such as hard and soft PVC, PE for coating, rotomoulding and the textile industry, cellulose and the production of metal powders, e.g. calcium.

We supply pulverizer systems with screening machines and coarse material return for final particle sizes below approx. 800 mm, or for the exact limitation of the final particle size, tandem systems with a pre-pulverizer for the raw material and a separate secondary pulverizer for the oversize material returned from the screener.

For the pulverization of heat-sensitive and/or explosive materials we supply systems with nitrogen cooling and pulverizer lines that are operated using an inert gas atmosphere.


SMF granulator

for fine grinding

PU pulverizer