All components of our granulators and grinding systems are also available as individual components or accessories for upgrading your existing equipment, to replace failed equipment, to improve performance, to increase the level of automation or to improve efficiency and enable reliable continuous operation. Our own manufacture of essential components ensures competitive prices.


Tilting devices are used to empty collecting tanks directly into a granulator or shredder. For our SMR pipe granulators, we offer a tilting storage trough into which waste pipes can be placed as long as the feed device on the granulator is still working. At the end of the feed cycle, they can then be tipped out of the storage trough and into the feed trough.

Whether long, short, L, Z or trough conveyor belts, Herbold can supply you with made-to-measure conveyor belts. Versions designed for light, medium and heavy-duty applications are available.

We mainly use vibration channels for feeding pulverizers, as they facilitate the precise regulation of material throughput depending on various process data, e.g. power input granulator motor, grinding chamber temperature.

Gravity separators are used for separation according to specific weight and different surface forms. They are also suitable for the separation of materials which due to their shape are difficult or even impossible to separate by screening.

Our blowers are available with outputs from 0.37 to 45 kW. We work with pipe diameters from 60 to 300 mm. A matching cyclone separator is available for each blower.

We supply pneumatic conveying systems in a wide variety of sizes and models which are designed to cool the grinding chamber and/or transport the ground products.

An increasingly important point is the reporting, process control, monitoring and observation of maintenance intervals. PLC-based process control systems help to identify and optimise manpower-intensive work processes. Downtime can be reduced by timely detection of faults by reporting of the operating status and automatic triggering of the maintenance intervals.

As accessories or components for filling operations with low personnel requirements, we supply double big-bag filling stations, which ensure grinding and filling operation uninterrupted by bag changing. This enables the optimisation of the complete throughput of the grinding system.

In order to protect the granulators from metallic foreign bodies we supply electronic metal detectors. These are built into the feed conveyor, which has a metal-free zone for this purpose.

Important accessory for the protection of the downstream injection moulding or extrusion systems. Metallic foreign bodies in the end product of the grinding system are automatically ejected.

These are used for the separation of ferromagnetic foreign bodies. We use permanent and electromagnets. Overband magnets can be combined with magnetic head drums in the conveyor belt for reasons of safety.

Size reduction machines are often very noisy. As well as an integrated sound insulation on smaller machines, we also supply walk-in sound insulation cabins with doors, ventilation and lighting, mainly for larger granulators and grinding systems.

An important component of a treatment system for plastic waste is the silaging of intermediate and end products. Herbold Meckesheim supplies silo systems for all ground products and very low-flow goods such as film flakes or fibres. Rectangular silos are available for capacities up to 60 m3, and round silos for up to 20 m3. A mixing silo with capacity up to 20 m3 is available for regrind from hard plastics.