Our shredding machines grind clean and sorted plastic waste from plastic processing, including injection moulding, blow moulding, deep drawing, rotomoulding, flat sheet or blown film extrusion and calendering, or waste generated during the manufacture of pipes, profiles and sheets or when making other plastic products.

When it comes to size reduction technology, we supply mills for reject parts, sprues, faulty batches, start-up lumps, edge trims and skeleton waste. The material may be loose, in bales, rolls or packets. We also offer solutions for the shredding of many types of rubber and plastic waste containing foreign bodies.

We make granulators that are suitable for numerous other soft to medium-hard materials, wherever these can be shredded by means of cutting or impact. Those which should be mentioned here include rubber and other elastomers, copper, aluminium and other soft metals, dried foods, wood and other materials.

A further specialisation of ours consists of the shredding of cellulose in knife granulators and hammer mills for the purpose of chemical further processing or as cellulose powder for admixture in foodstuffs, cleaning agents and many other products.


Shredding by means of granulators
Size reduction by means of hammer mills