Due to a large working surface of the rotor, the machine has an excellent ingestion performance and is appropriate for materials that could only be fed in batches with traditional shredders, such as big-bags or large voluminous containers. The shredding of the material to a uniform and constant granular size is determined by the selection of the screen. Contrary to the conventional two-shaft shredders without screen, no long stripes will arise. The shredder is appropriate for dry or wet operation.

Shredder structure

  • Hopper type:(open design)
    Designed for direct or conveyor feeding in astable welded steel construction, ribbed outside.
  • Housing design:
    Welded steel construction
  • Rotor type:
    Rotor prepared for cooling water circulation, with threaded shaft ends as an option available with anti-wear plating.
  • Rotor and stator knives:
    Identical, screwed cutting blocks that can be used on both sides, mounted in exchangeable cassettes that can be positively inserted in the rotor or in a stator knife support
  • Rotor bearing:
    Self-aligning roller bearings in pillow block bearing housings, completely outside and separated from the grinding chamber; therefore, the shredder is also appropriate for wet
  • Screen fi xing:
    Exchangeable screen baskets, 4 units each per side with manually operated tilting down device. Easy access due to big inspection doors in the housing.