The Herbold single-shaft shredder 60/210 is the next generation of the shredder series EWS for high throughputs; appropriate for dry or wet size reduction.

Shredder structure
Heavy welded steel construction for heavy duty applications. Maintenance, knife exchange and adjustment of the knife gap from outside due to access via a hydraulically hingeable grinding chamber trough. Material pusher in the shape of a swing arm. Hydraulically hingeable screen support, easy screen change due to access via double wing doors equipped with an inspection glass. Rotor bearing in pillow block bearings placed outside, therefore ideal for wet operation. SPS with adjustable parameter settings.

Drive system
Drive via countershaft gear, so drive is not prone to failures and therefore optimum protection against destruction caused by foreign bodies. As an option, available with overload coupling. Energy saving due to the high centrifugal mass of the pulleys in case of peak loads. Double drive as an option in order to obtain higher torques. Speed variations are easy to implement.

Cutting system
Rotor with variable knife confi guration,equipped with screwed-on armour plating and prepared for water cooling. One row of stator knives, second row as an option for special applications. Rotor and stator knives are available in an antiwear execution.