Herbold High Speed Shredder – A New Solution for Recycling Plastic Waste

Washing and size reduction of highly contaminated PE and PP bottles
The applications of plastic waste recycling become more and more complicated: the feeding material is characterised by a steadily growing contamination and an increasing percentage of foreign bodies. One reason for this are the new sorting procedures; another reason is the fact that more and more frequently, streams of waste materials that in the past could not be recycled at all, or only after a preceding time-consuming and costly manual preparation, are nowadays treated fully-automatically…


Herbold Circular Shredder Series ZSR 230

For shredding of large-diameter, reject pipes: a completely new solution! The HERBOLD circular shredder of the ZSR serie

Dickwandige PE-Rohre erreichen immer größere Dimensionen: waren bisher 1600 mm ein geläufiger Standard, sind heute bereits Abmessungen über 2000 mm keine Ausnahme mehr. Natürlich entsteht auch bei der Herstellung dieser Rohre mit Wandstärken teilweise über 100 mm und Anfahrklumpen mit mehreren 100 kg Stückgewicht…