Welcome to Herbold Meckesheim.

We are your specialist partner for machines and systems for plastic recycling, and for the shredding and pulverization of clean production waste. Herbold also produces systems for wet shredding, washing, separation, drying and compaction (agglomeration) of used, contaminated and mixed plastic waste.

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  • Herbold Meckesheim – Your expert contact partner for plastic recycling

    Herbold Meckesheim GmbH supplies shredders, bale shredders, granulators, pulverizers, pipe granulators, washing lines (individual components for washing lines such as wet shredders, friction washers, mechanical / thermal dryers, separation tanks (swim-sink), hydrocyclones, separation systems, dryers, classifiers and silos, agglomerators and compactors.


    Our machines are in use throughout the world, and we supply our shredders and granulators, and machines from our pulverizer range to customers in Germany, Europe, North America, North Africa, the Middle and Far East.



    Examples of feed materials:

    1: Pipes & clumps

    2: Contaminated agricultural film

    3: PET films

    4: PET bottles

    5: Shredded battery casings

    6: Printed packaging films


    PET films
    PET bottles