1x1.trans - Washing line

Second Hand HERBOLD Washline for sale

HERBOLD washing plant for PO films and rigid plastics.

The plant is suitable for the following applications:

1. Shredded PO post-consumer films, for an input up to 1,500 kg/h depending on the film thickness, achievable residual moisture 6 – 8 %.

2. Shredded PO rigid plastics for an input up to 3,000 kg/h. Residual moisture 1 – 2 %.

The plant consists of washing screw for the feeding of an intermediate bunker, intermediate bunker, pre-washing unit VWE 600/2, friction washer, wet granulator 60/145, friction washer, hydrocyclone separation stage, friction washer, mechanical dryer, thermal dryer, buffer silo 8m³, SPS S/-1500 control unit.

Basic water treatment consisting of 2 screening machines < 500 µ, submerged pump, screen water tank, recirculation pump.

The commissioning has taken place in 2016.

1x1.trans - Washing line
1x1.trans - Washing line